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Companies We’re Involved With

Robert Farrington created one of the premiere U.S. personal finance destinations at The College Investor. He understands the intersection of money and technology, as well as the trends of American consumers.  

Robert has spent years working with both top financial brands and consumers alike. Additionally, he was worked with many startups in the consumer-facing financial technology space.

There is no better resource to help bridge the gap from C-Suite to consumer. With millions of visitors reading The College Investor each month, countless employees from top financial companies following our reviews, and even policy-markers in government following our publications, there is no better resource than Robert Farrington and The College Investor.

Main Organizations

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The College Investor

Robert Farrington is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The College Investor. The College Investor is one of the largest personal finance websites, reaching millions of individuals every month. 

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Loan Buddy is a DIY tool to help you navigate your student loan debt. It’s designed to help anyone figure out the lowest repayment plan and loan forgiveness options available to the.

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Backer is on a mission to help people save more for college. By creating an easy and simply tool to allow families to save for college, Backer helps families avoid student loans and achieve financial goals.

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